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“What Do You Believe?”

By February 1, 2018 Uncategorized

I believe in the spirit of the Ether,

In the tides of the ocean,

In the face of the moon.


I believe in karma and juju,

In mystics and prophets,

In the sound of my “hum…”


I believe in the power of numbers,

In the loop of infinity,

In the web of the Master.


I believe in the Kingdom of Heaven,

In the rivers of star dew,

In the vast, sun-dripped pasture.


I believe in soft determinism,

In ego annihilism,

In anathematics.


I believe “the others” have landed,

All reason disbanded,

The end of an age.


I believe in what has been written,

By wings in the sky,

Upon every page.


I believe it all has no meaning,

No matter the author,

Unless we engage.





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Pushing Yourself

By October 27, 2017 Health & Wellness
 Greetings, lovelies. 

 Checking in after a long pause. Lots of focus has been on my writing and editing 
work outside of this website, as of late. Several people have reached out regarding the 30 Day Blog Challenge, which I tell everyone to do. That challenge is what 
inspired this website and pushed me out of my comfort zone of only writing when I
"felt like it." It also gave me some updated samples to land a good writing gig.

   Moving on... 
   To summarize what the past few months have been about, on a personal and 
professional level... the main theme is personal growth (isn't it always?) 
  Sonia Choquette's books and online webinar I am currently taking have really 
inspired me to listen to my intuition, ask my guides for help, leave the past and 
all resentments behind, and to view each and every person (and interaction) as 
an extension of myself and a piece of this larger picture in which we all belong. 
If you have not familiarized yourself with her, check her out on Amazon or on her 
website @

   I recommend starting with this book of hers:

As a person prone to anger, and as someone who has experienced a great deal of 
trauma, grounding myself and getting back in touch with the notions that we are all one and that nothing is "being done to me" has really helped with seeing the world (and myself) in a more loving and yet detached way. This has allowed me to both 
preserve and amplify my personal energy and prevent it from being siphoned away.
I can more easily observe what is happening and know that my reaction is within my control, and that breaking old patterns and rising above can only come from within. 
  Studying the works of talented and evolved intuitives is really helping in my 
own evolution and development of the gifts I used to habitually downplay. 
Hopefully, in doing this, I can help myself and others to expand the light within,
and help stamp out the darkness that often seems to surround so many of us.

 As one obsessed with the realm of 5D living and ascension, it is always wonderful to find beings like Sonia and also Michael Bodine, writer of "Growing Up Psychic." 

 That is where I am currently at, and if you'd like to check out those books and 
fill me in on your own journey of psychic evolution, I would absolutely love to 
hear from you via e-mail. I am considering doing classics in this type of material,
possibly in the near future. Is that something you'd be interested in? 

Wishing you so much love and light,

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Soulmates And Twin Flames: What Is The Difference?

By July 20, 2017 Health & Wellness

 Have you ever met someone who felt like home? Staring into their eyes feels like coming back to center, and it is the only place you want to be. Just the thought of them can help ground you, yet simultaneously, elevate your spirit.

If you have met such a person, you probably feel your energy lifting when they’re around, and it seems like colors are brighter, senses heightened, and opportunities abound. It might seem like all of the answers are just within reach, when both of your essences combine (and quite possibly, they are).

This might lead to the question of whether this person is a soulmate or a twin flame… and what is the difference? There are so many overlapping qualities between these two categories, can you even make a clear distinction?

Before I was schooled on this knowledge, I always believed a soulmate was a perfect fit… someone who could never battle you or bring you terrible pain. But that isn’t the truth. A soulmate can challenge you just as much as your biggest perceived “enemy.” Painful, right?

ForeverConscious defines the two as such:

Soulmates: different souls that we encounter on our path that are cut from the same “energetic cloth” as us and are sent to help awaken and challenge us so we can become the best versions of ourselves.

Twin Flames: when our own “energetic cloth” grows so big with love that our energy splits into two. This other half becomes our Twin Flame. This often occurs over many, many lifetimes. 

  Heavy stuff, right?

So it would seem that the reunion of the twin flame is the one that hopefully lasts for the rest of this lifetime, if we are truly ready to receive them and mature enough to make it work.

I recently read somewhere that soulmate relationships are often too chaotic and painful to last an entire lifetime, and I can honestly understand how that’s probably truth. Being with a soulmate can often feel like oil being thrown on a flame… it’s explosive and wild and can go totally out of control at a moment’s notice. So does that mean being with a twin flame will be less painful?

The answer to that question is: not necessarily. A twin flame can challenge us to grow just as much as a soulmate. They just may be more of a mirror of ourselves, often feeling like the same half of the whole, instead of a polar opposite or antagonist. At least, that is my experience.

This is just scratching the surface on these relationships, and you should also know that both can be non-romantic relationships, such as family members, friends, and mentors. This is another thing I never knew until recently. A soulmate or twin flame does not need to be a husband, wife, girlfriend, or crush, as crazy as that might sound (so don’t believe the Hollywood image of it). 

One other fact about this topic is that not everyone will meet their “other half” or either of these types in this lifetime, and it may be their life lesson to learn self-love and self-actualization.                           But if you find yourself perpetually alone, you should ask yourself whether you are projecting the type of energy and self-love that would attract the mate of your dreams. Are you even open to receive the love you say you want, and are you brave enough to look inside yourself and find your blockages?  


So, back to soulmates and twin flames. Have you experienced one of these relationships? What are the biggest distinctions you’ve noticed between the two, if you’ve been lucky enough to have both? Do you remember them from past lifetimes and have you discovered what areas they are meant to help you work on?

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this topic.

Namaste & Aloha 🙂


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Life Is A Mirror

By May 7, 2017 Health & Wellness, Minimalism

One of the hardest lessons to wrap your mind around (and remember) is simply that

life is a mirror. 

Every situation we encounter, every person we butt heads with- all are merely a reflection of what is going on inside us, acknowledged or suppressed. And no matter how far down you push what you’re seeking to avoid,

you’ll always run into it ‘outside’ of yourself. 

Because what is the self but a fragment of the multiverse [or really, a whole that has forgotten its true identity].

So let us be slow to anger, quick to forgive, and even quicker to 

choose love. 

Happy Sunday


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Good Days And Bad Days

By April 2, 2017 Health & Wellness, Minimalism

All of us have good days and bad days. A lesson that really hit home for me (from today’s church sermon) is that God creates all days. He creates the days that we feel down in the dumps, as well as the days filled with victory and elation. Were it not for the bad days, we would not be able to truly appreciate the good.

A year ago today, I was jobless and uncertain about the future. I placed so much value on aquiring stuff, and too little on valuing experiences and people. When it comes down to it, at the end of our lives, we will not be lauded for the lavish closets of clothing we accumulated or the number of high tech gadgets we owned, but by our impact on others and our personal contributions to the world.

To create a meaningful and uplifting body of work is what I should strive for as a writer. Though I am just beginning my journey of getting published, I know everything will come in good time and the people who need to find my work will. One of the most impactful things the 30 Day Blog Challenge taught me was that the quality of our work should always be considered over the quantity. I don’t stress that I’m not pushing out 3 blabbering posts a day, my only hope is to create when the muse strikes and serve the ones who find me by serendipity (though, truth be told, I would call it kismet).

What are some areas of your life that you should be focusing on in regards to value over numbers?

What types of things have you eliminated in an effort to focus on what truly matters?

As always, I would love to hear your feedback. 🙂

Many Blessings! Namaste.

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Exciting Announcement

By February 20, 2017 Health & Wellness

Hello, everyone. Thanks for following along on my writing journey. It’s amazing having you all here. 

In addition to this website, I will be writing for BabyGaga. You can find my latest article here: 

15 Ways the Relationship Changes During Pregnancy

Keep checking back, as new content will be coming regularly.


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10 Easy Ways to Save Big Money

By February 16, 2017 Minimalism, Money

Everyone wishes they had more money, but few have mastered how to be financially abundant. There is more to financial security than a big paycheck; how you spend and manage your money is super important. Whether you are deep in debt or already comfortable, these are some tips and tricks you can use to make the most of every penny.

1) Manage your time wisely.

Time is money, so it is really crucial to know exactly how you’re spending your time, and where it’s being wasted. Try tracking your daily habits in a journal or an app and see where you should make adjustments. Are you watching 2 hours of TV every night? Turn that time into your self-help reading time or try working on a side business. You could be making money instead of just vegging out.

2) Entertain at home.

Going out is a nice luxury, but do you really need to be eating at chain restaurants multiple nights every week? Try inviting your friends over for dinner or drinks, and watch the savings pile up. You can prepare yummy stuff for a fraction of the cost while having a more intimate experience in the comfort of your own home.

3) Become an expert negotiator.

Have you called all of your credit card companies and student loan organizations and negotiated the best possible rates and payment plans? Most people are too lazy to do this (or they don’t even know it’s an option). You can save truckloads of money by stating that you’ll transfer balances if they don’t offer you better rates- most companies will jump at the chance to keep you as a customer. This can apply to cell phone companies and cable companies, too.

4) Make the most of memberships.

Memberships are the best way to get insider deals and coupons for places such as grocery stores, car washes, salons, etc. Nowadays, there are even doctor’s offices with discount membership deals. Make a separate email address for membership email only, and check it regularly for coupons and other key info. You may also get a lot of freebies and other benefits by doing this!

5) Learn to be an extreme couponer.

The art of couponing takes a while to master but the savings can be GINORMOUS! Study couponing websites and blogs such as The Krazy Coupon Lady (a personal favorite) and learn from the masters. Ask your local stores about their coupon and price match policies, and shop around for the best deals. I started couponing last year and saved about $500 in only a couple of months (and I am no expert). A little bit of effort can go a long way when it comes to keeping your cash in your pocket. My favorite are apps that actually pay you back for everyday purchases. Ibotta is one such app. I also like to meet the manager of the store so I know them if there is ever an issue. 🙂

6) Have a yard sale.

Clean out your closets and garage and make the most of the items you don’t use. Sell them. Have a yard sale,put them on Facebook marketplace, Ebay or LetGo, or take them to a consignment store. You’ll be shocked to find out someone wants your old leather jacket or dusty Nintendo, and your wallet will thank you.

7) Try meal prepping.

Cooking your food in advance on Sunday night will stop you from reaching for fast food or gas station snacks throughout the week. Have healthy, delicious meals ready and you will also reap the health benefits. It costs so much less to buy and cook your own food, and it is so much better for your waistline. Keep healthy snacks and a jug of water on you, also. A personal favorite is a big bag of almonds.

8) Stop wasting energy.

Did you know you’re wasting a ton of energy in your home, even when appliances and devices are turned off? Unplug what you’re not using and keep the lights off when you’re not in the room. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to find energy programs to help you save. Another great trick is to purchase only energy-saving bulbs and Energy Star rated appliances.

9) Make your own coffee.

The Keurig was the greatest investment I made (as a coffee lover). Instead of going to Starbucks every morning and spending a minimum of $6 a day, I buy K-cups with discount codes or Keurig membership deals and seldom splurge on coffee when I’m out. Bath and Body Works also sends out their famous 20% off coupons, which can be used to buy HUGE boxes of my favorite Dark Magic K-cups. A regular coffee maker is great, too. 🙂

10) Set goals and hold yourself to them.

Set reasonable financial goals and put them on display in your home. I wrote down “cut debt in half in 2017” on my goal list, and walk by it every day. You can work with a debt consolidator or call to negotiate your rates and payment options, yourself. As long as you set reasonable goals and make conscious steps to reach them, you have already made a big step to becoming financially abundant.

Do you do any of these tips already? Which work the best for you? There will be many more tips coming in soon, so stay tuned. May we manifest abundance and financial freedom together. Namaste. 


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10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me at 20

By February 12, 2017 Health & Wellness

Living a life free of regrets is fundamental to happiness and self-acceptance. Every mistake and seemingly wrong turn has brought us all to this present moment, which is all we have. There is no sense in clinging to the past or anxiously awaiting the future. Just be here now.

Having said that, there are a few pieces of wisdom I wish someone told me when I was 20. Perhaps I could have been spared some of the stress, worry, and drama of being a young woman on the precipice of uncertainty. But, then again, aren’t the 20’s all about uncertainty?

 1) Follow your heart.

Don’t follow the crowd, don’t follow the money, don’t follow the easy road, don’t follow the path you’re already on just because it’s convenient- just follow your heart. Your heart has a wisdom of its own and it has all of the answers. You just have to tune in and actually listen. Had I followed my heart, I would have perhaps taken the opportunity to become an English professor and writer instead of wasting precious time and energy (and a truckload of money) in law school. In my heart, I knew logic and memorization were not for me, but my brain knew what law school would do for my image and my bank account. And sadly, my heart was ignored, though I have finally come full-circle to following my dreams.

 2) Be careful who’s in your circle.

It’s true what they say… you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If those people are pessimistic, careless, and filled with drama, they will drag you down with them. A lot of my friends partied as hard as I did, so I never questioned whether I was out of control. They procrastinated, and I did, too. I was unmotivated to really excel with my schoolwork or my career. Luckily, I had (and still have) a best friend who is one of the most driven and talented women on the planet, and she helped me stay balanced and grounded.

 3) Take care of your body, you only get one.

When you’re young, you tend to live in the moment and believe that what you do now won’t have negative consequences. I used to tan every day, drink to excess, and make other unhealthy choices. Moderation is something I wish I understood back then, because those decisions definitely had their repercussions. Trust me when I say the sooner you take your health into your hands, the better.

 4) Save your money.

There will always be a million shiny objects to spend your money on. You don’t have to buy all the latest trends, because 99.9 percent of that stuff won’t make your life any better. Before you make a big purchase, do your research and calculate exactly how long it will take you to save up the money/pay it off (how many actual hours of labor). Save your money or invest it, because it’s always important to have a cushion to fall back on. And if you want to buy a house one day or reasonable student loan payments, you’ll have the option to do so.

5) Set realistic goals.

If you set goals that are tangible and realistic, you can reach them easier and feel good about accomplishing something. It’s okay to set lofty goals, but little milestones will help you get there faster. Taking time regularly to check in with your goals and things you should tweak will help you stay on track. I used to set really big goals for myself and get disappointed when I didn’t hit them in a short amount of time. This would discourage me to keep going at all. Don’t fall into that trap- know your dreams are in reach but it might take time to get there.

6) Know that life won’t follow your plans.

When I was 20, I thought I’d be married to my then boyfriend by age 27, making $250,000/year as a lawyer, and living in a palatial mansion with a white picket fence. None of those things happened, but you know what did? I traveled to more than a dozen different countries, earned my Master’s Degree in fine arts, had a baby with an amazing partner, and discovered who I really am and what I want out of life. Don’t worry if/when life doesn’t follow your plans, because life will surprise you with richer and more rewarding experiences than ever could have envisioned.

7) Don’t sweat the small stuff.

A lot of what we waste our energy on is small stuff. We think that momentary discomfort/pain is going to last a long time and we get bogged down in life’s little dramas. I used to get so angry and upset whenever someone didn’t like me or didn’t agree with me; now I let it roll of my shoulders. You will never please everyone, you will never be everyone’s cup of tea, and you will never have a perfect life. Focus on the big picture. Are you main needs in life met? If so, you’re doing pretty well. The rest will fall into place in time. For now, count your blessings.

8) Slow down.

Don’t be in such a rush to reach the next goal or milestone that you lose sight of what is happening right in front of you. I know I was always looking forward to the next step when I was younger- finishing the next test, the next class, the next degree, buying the next car- there was always something pressing on my mind. If you spend your days caught up in what is to come, you lose some of the value of each step and the beauty of going through the process. As cheesy as it sounds, I look back and I miss my undergrad classes and wish I had read my books more carefully, listened a little harder, gone above and beyond, and pushed myself to see what the materials meant to me. You can’t get that time back, so savor every second (even if it seems tedious in the moment). This is especially true when it comes to spending time with loved ones. Just appreciate what life has to offer when it offers it.

9) Stay open.

Stay open to engaging with people and experiences that make you think and challenge your views. If an amazing opportunity pops up, take it. You only live once. Don’t be scared to go off the beaten path or try something new. Every time I stepped out of my comfort zone, I was surprised to find the things I was once scared/uncertain of were actually great learning opportunities and chances to grow.

10) Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Someone said this to me recently and it really hit home. It’s okay to laugh and joke around. Life is funny. You don’t have to be so hyper-focused and set on achievement that you forget to smile about the small stuff. What bugs us today will be ridiculous to us tomorrow. We are fickle creatures filled with ego’s that have far too much power over us, but we don’t need to be that way. The next time you find yourself on the brink of screaming or breaking down, take a step back and try laughing instead. Laughter is quite therapeutic.




What things do you wish you could tell your younger self? What great pieces of advice did you receive when you were 20? Feel free to share your thoughts. Namaste.



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10 Health Mistakes You Make Every Day

By February 11, 2017 Health & Wellness

There are so many ways to go wrong when it comes to your health. It is also so easy to believe misinformation  propagated by magazines, commercials, or the people you know. We are all guilty of doing this in one way or another. Here are some of the many things you could be doing every day to sabotage your health- each with simple fixes. After all, nothing is more important than taking care of yourself.

1) Not Getting Enough Sleep.

Sacrificing zzz’s for a few extra minutes in the gym or on the phone is more harmful than you might think. We talked previously about sleep’s crucial role in keeping us healthy, but you really need to add more sleep and see the difference for yourself.

2) Getting Dehydrated Without Knowing It.

If you’re tired or have a headache, you might actually be dehydrated. You could be reaching for snacks because your body is craving the water contained in those foods, and you mistake the sensation for hunger. Drinking more water will boost your metabolism and keep your performing at your peak. Your skin will also thank you for it, as water gives a more youthful appearance.

3) Skipping Breakfast.

It is true what they say… “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Even if you’re not a morning person, it’s extremely important to get some good protein and carbs in the morning. When you wake up, your stomach is like an empty furnace, waiting for fuel. If you don’t eat anything, you will burn your reserves and lag through your day. Your brain will also feel fuzzy and unfocused. So whether it is a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana, a smoothie, or some overnight oats, make your breakfast count.

4) Infrequent Handwashing.

It pays to be a germaphobe, especially during the winter months. While new studies are questioning the effectiveness of antibacterial soap, frequent hand washing and cleaning surfaces (especially shared work items0 with Chlorox wipes remain the best ways to prevent the spread of illness-causing bacteria. You should scrub hands for at least 20 seconds.

5) Forgetting Sunscreen.

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, even during winter, is a big way to protect your health. The fairer your skin is, the more susceptible you are to UV damage and cancer, so at least use sunscreen on your face daily. You can also use makeup that contains SPF, though it is likely to be a low amount. If you will be sweating or in the sun for a long time, try to use waterproof sunscreen of a higher SPF.

6) Holding Emotions In.

Bottling up your emotions and frustrations isn’t good for you- period. Remember the old saying, “no man is an island”? It’s completely true. Humans are social creatures who need the support and understanding of others to truly thrive. If something is really bothering you, take a moment to get it down on paper or talk to someone about it, before it starts to affect you negatively. Stress is one of the biggest threats to health, and there is no shame in needing to vent now and then.

7) Crash Dieting.

This topic comes up a lot because it is that common. Going to extremes and swearing off food items (carbs, gluten, sugar, etc.) can often do more harm than good. Unless you have a health condition which requires you to make big cuts, you should not be scared to eat a piece of bread/fruit/dark chocolate/whatever. That is not to say you can’t pick a healthy lifestyle such as vegan, low-carb, what have you, but keep a balance. The more you deprive yourself of what you love, the harder you will crash and backslide when you give into your cravings. Moderation is key.

8) Neglecting Your Teeth/Gums.

Many health problems originate in the mouth. Not brushing/flossing well enough or skipping dentist visits can actually impact your long-term health. If you go a long time without keeping a great mouth care routine, do not be surprised when a bad infection or gum issue pops up. You will be hit with a big bill and headache that could have been easily avoided with preventative maintenance.

9) Not Moving Enough.

If you have a desk job or spend a lot of time behind the wheel for work, you’ll need to make sure you stretch and exercise regularly to keep the blood flowing and prevent neck/back issues. Poor posture is a common side effect of jobs that require a lot of sitting, but it can be mitigated with a simple stretches and movements. What you eat at work also matters, so make sure to pack or purchase food that is healthy and will keep you powered up, rather than in a post-lunch food coma (which will later make you reach for a sugary, caffeinated jolt).

10) Drinking Away Your Problems.

Happy hour is a great trap for stressed out office workers and others. Because it’s considered normal camaraderie to gather at the local watering hole and throw back a few, many don’t question what toll this might be taking on the inside. Alcohol dehydrates you and causes poor quality of sleep. It also encourages you to indulge in unhealthy food choices high in fat and sodium. If you’re going to drink after work, stick with one glass of heart healthy red wine, and save the beer and sugary cocktails for “special” occasions only.

What health mistakes do you think you make every day? Do you do any of these things? What would you add to this list? Feel free to share your thoughts and insights. Namaste. 


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Minimalism: Life, Uncomplicated

By February 10, 2017 Minimalism

For so many of us, life has become so complicated. There is constant pressure to buy the latest gadgets, wear the latest trends,  and stay in the loop of fervent consumerism. Acquiring things in ever-increasing amounts (because you can never have too many ____s!) has become the standard protocol. If you see something you like/want/think you need, you’re encouraged to buy it without a second thought. Don’t have the cash? Just finance it! That mindset, coupled with the expectation of staying “connected” to everyone in our social networks, has placed enormous stress on us, and we have become a society of quantity over quality.

My personal shift into a Minimalist mindset and lifestyle began with a bang. After watching “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” on Netflix, I realized I had to read the accompanying book, “Everything That Remains” by The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I breezed through it and was blown away at two men’s journey from a life of excess and misery in the “American dream” to one of simplicity, freedom and joy with only the most basic essentials. They taught me that the true secret to living a fuller, more meaningful life is detaching from the things that anchor us down and keep us perpetually running on the hamster wheel of acquiring more [things].

After reading about the power of decluttering/tidying up (thanks Marie Kondo), I got to work purging my house and life of excess. Essentially, I donated, sold or threw away everything that didn’t bring me joy. Dozens of full garbage bags left the house, and a physical high happened every time. For someone who prided herself on a jean collection of 50+ pairs and a dangerous amount of grandmotherly sentimentality- this was monumental. Just knowing that I had the power, and not all the items that took up precious space in my world, was enough to trigger a huge shift within me. I finally gave myself permission to enjoy what I already had, to know that it was enough, and to say goodbye to things and relationships that were not uplifting. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am actually excited to keep working on this.

Are you holding on to items, memories, or relationships that do not bring you joy? Do you feel like your energy is constantly zapped by tangible and intangible sources?

If you feel this way, just know it’s a widespread problem and it can all start (and end) right now, in your very own closet. Once you tidy up the right way once, you will never have to do it again. Discovering that was a life-changing thing for me. I would invite you to look into the Minimalists and Marie Kondo, and to follow along on my journey back to the basics. This post will be the first of a long series. It is my hope that you, too, can find the freedom and space to live your dream life.

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